Be a great CEO™

Make your company worth more


Be a great CEO™

Build sustainable enterprise value


Be a great CEO™

Capture the value of your life’s work


Our Mission: Help one million business owners create valuable companies.

Great CEOs build and capture business value

CoreValue helps you be great by showing you the enterprise value of your company, and how to build it.

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Why do CEOs use CoreValue?

Our customers rely on CoreValue to provide the tools and data they must have to capture, build and monetize enterprise value.

Capture Value

Identify the delta between current and potential enterprise value.


The average amount of value businesses can create by strengthening their processes using CoreValue.

Build Value

Get a clear roadmap of actionable steps to increase enterprise value.


The amount of average annual increase in value by our customers – your peers.

Monetize Value

Identify and neutralize red flag threats to enterprise value.


The percentage of businesses which have red flags threatening their value.

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Why do CEOs trust us?


  • They know we help thousands of companies like yours build value.
  • Backed by 30 years of research, billions in value captured.
  • Powered by algorithms developed at MIT and proven in the market.
  • More than $18 billion in revenue is currently being grown through us.
  • Over $1 billion has been captured by these companies this year alone.

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Want to learn more?

Transferable Enterprise Value
Whitepaper - Transferable Enterprise Value

The Importance of Quantifying Intangible Value Drivers in Small to Medium Size Enterprises

Download white paper

Quantifying Transferable Enterprise Value
Whitepaper - Quantifying Transferable Enterprise Value

Small to Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs): The Value Driver Methodology

Download white paper

Enterprise Value and Operational Excellence
Whitepaper - Enterprise Value and Operational Excellence

A reasonable starting point for maximizing operational value

Download white paper


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Our promise

Fast, accurate, easy-to-use, actionable.

Here's Ron Everett at the Business Valuation Center:

CoreValue is spot on! The value we calculate using our traditional valuation methods is consistent with the enterprise value generated by CoreValue, but with CoreValue we have clearer understanding of the drivers of value, and how to make the business worth more. I'd never seen a product that could do that.


We deliver clarity in minutes

Let’s face it, a business valuation is just a number, when what you really need is a roadmap. We go beyond and give you a GPS.

Using CoreValue is easy.  All you need are your gross revenues, net profits, and your knowledge from running day-to-day operations to drive the process. Get started today!

Here's what you'll know about your company after using CoreValue:

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CoreValue Discover

Preliminary Value Drivers Assessment

Free Test Drive

Test Drive CoreValue Discover

Estimate your value:

  • Qualitative evaluation of 18 value drivers
  • See red flags and top drivers creating value gap
  • Receive a free value report upon completion

CoreValue Unlock

A Complete Value Assessment

$495 (USD)

Understand your value:

  • Quantitative value report on all 18 value drivers
  • Find specific areas which are holding back value
  • Create a roadmap for value creation

For help completing your assessment, interpreting the results and building out a comprehensive action plan to build value please contact
Candace Enman at WelchGroup Consulting, cenman@w-group.com.

WelchGroup Consulting

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